Easy Way in Removing The Bubble Gum On Carpet

removing bubble gum on carpet 300x300 Easy Way in Removing The Bubble Gum On Carpet photoDo you like bubble gum? I bet that all of you who are in mature did not like it. But the opposite, the children usually like to chew bubble gum in their mouth very often. This activity won’t make any problem if your children knew about the rule after chewed the bubble gum by throwing the bubble gum in the trash can. In the contrary, it will be terrible if they obey the rule and even put the bubble gum on the carpet. What the hell is this? We are as parents of course do not want this happen, because it can make our carpet to be dirty and broken quickly. Right? That’s why I create this post; Today I’m about to share how to clean the bubble gum or other type of chewing gum on the carpet. So your carpet will looks like new and luxurious all the time. The secret of this trick in cleaning the bubble gum on the carpet is by removing it’s sticky property. Here we go!

1.Insert some ice cubes into plastic bag

Put the plastic bag containing ice cubes on the part of carpet where the bubble gum stick in. Just wait  it untill the bubble gum becomes frozen and hard.

2.After the bubble gum is frozen, try to crowbar it by using knife.

Crowbar it slowly until there is no bubble gum remained on your carpet surface.

3.Dip a clean cloth to the cleaning liquid and get rid the remain of bubble gum that is still stick on the carpet.

4.Then mix two cup of hot water by one tablespoon of detergent and white vinegar.

This compound is used to remove the remaining stain and color of the bubble gum its self. Spread the compound to the carpet using a clean cloth.

5.The last, rinse carpet with wet cloth, then dry it by using a clean and dry cloth. If necessary, you can use hair dryer to dry your carpet quickly.

Finished! Now you have clean carpet free by bubble gum in your home. That’s all my simple tips today in cleaning the carpet from bubble gum (chewing gum as well). See you in next beautiful occasion! Yoroshiku!

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